I’m writing this blog on Sunday, March 18. This year, our Youth decided to take separate boys and girls trips for spring break. Our goal was to give students a chance to learn about issues that concern them specifically and how to handle life’s curves through faith.

Today, I want to share about our girls. Right now they are all in the kitchen cooking dinner – a dinner they planned together. They’ve formed assembly lines for washing, chopping and cooking. They’re listening to praise and worship music, singing and laughing. Wow, God is so good.

During our time together, we’ve participated in a variety of lessons and studies  that focused on how to – comprehend scripture, live a life that honors God, sustain friendships through faith, and develop our personal relationships with God. We have discussed and researched gender issues, romantic relationships, and relationships with parents.

And we worshipped. We worshipped in a church as the minority, the African Methodist Episcopal Visitors Chapel. We were prayed for; we listened to the words of the Reverend Charlene Boone. She preached of the good things and bad things in life.  And, referencing Romans 8:28 NIV…” And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” We learned that God is in ALL THINGS. Even when we make choices that aren’t the best for us –  God is there with us.

The age old question, “Why does God allow bad things to happen?” – was a bog topic. At the end of our time together, our students walked away with the confidence and reaffirmation that even in the most difficult times, we have a choice to be with God because He is there with us.

The timing of this year’s retreat falls in line with the end of the Lenten season. And oh, how mysteriously God works to remind us of His commitment to us. We are returning home with the reminder that we are committed to our faith, to our church, to our community. That continually learning together and challenging ourselves and one another is a call to BE THE CHURCH.

I pray you can feel the solace and restitution of knowing that FUMC Bentonville is raising The Church. We are molding our young people to be leaders; leaders capable of making a difference, and dreaming dreams to fulfill His glory.

THIS is good. And knowing that God is in all things – THIS is God.