The Rhythm Life


Rhythm.  Healthy lives are lived in a regular rhythm.  If we get out of a healthy rhythm, chaos takes over, and we can probably all describe stories about when that has happened to us.  Death of a loved one can send us spinning out of control; the loss of a job can shatter our regular and comfortable rhythm; so can becoming a new parent, becoming an empty nester, or retiring.

There is a rhythm that is calling to us, that is wooing us, that will give us a firm foundation so that nothing can completely knock us out of control.  This rhythm is a life centered in the Holy Spirit, a life defined by following Christ.  The Christian Life has three movements.  We don’t progress through these movements, we spend our lives in them.  If you spend time in Scripture, they will be quite familiar, and are readily apparent in any of the biblical books that you choose to read; being called, being formed in relationship, being sent.

Spiritual rhythm.  Waking up and hearing the call of the Spirit, “come spend time with me.” We are formed by spending at least 30 minutes with God, not just speaking to God in prayer, but listening to how God is speaking to us; either in silent meditation or passages of Scripture.  We are then sent into the world prepared to model what it means to be a Christ follower in everything we think do and say throughout the day.  Many people hear God whispering to them to join into this rhythm at lunch and then at the end of the day.  This dedication to rhythm will inevitably be observed in the macro aspects of our lives as well.

The Spirit is always calling us.  We are being called to dedicate more of our time to God.  We are being called to accept spiritual formation.  We are being called to go and serve.  All at the same time.  And in progression.  This is the grand rhythm that Christ offers to us.

In my life, I gradually heard the whisper of the spirit calling me into relationship.  I sought out a mentor who spent years guiding me as I was being formed.  That formation led to formal spiritual education, and I was formed until I was able to begin mentoring others.  Currently I am mentoring over a dozen people on a regular schedule.  I am also working regularly with my own spiritual mentor so that I can be guided in my rhythm.  It is so very easy for any of us to get out of sync, and a mentor is a crucial corrective voice.

What does the rhythm of your life look like?  Perhaps you could write it down.  Here are the questions to consider: How have I been called?  How am I being called?  How have I been formed, how am I being formed?  How have I been sent, how am I being invited to go?  Finally, who is my mentor and who am I mentoring?  All of us are invited into this rhythm, and all of us have the ability to mentor even as we are being mentored.  If you would like help getting into rhythm, I am ready to be your mentor!