Mom’s Book Club

I am my mother’s daughter. Some people jokingly say, “I am turning into my mother – ” while noting the funny quirks of their own moms. Now, don’t get me wrong my mom is FULL of hysterical quirks, regardless of the quirks or not, I am proud to be just like my mom. Recently, she recommended a book – one that her church had read and studied. I finally read it and (unsurprisingly) mom was right!

Now you see me: How I forgave the unforgivable is an amazing book that walks through the tragedy of loss to the realization of hope and a stronger faith through forgiveness. Now, what does this have to do with Lent? Let me explain. I immediately, think how difficult it is to practice forgiveness, to truly forgive others, and how difficult our Lenten journeys can be.

DJ (our Assistant Youth Director) and I were discussing expectations for youth. How strict or lenient we should be in general. And DJ said something that has been on my mind. He said our world draws these lines of ethical behavior. An example would be, it’s legal to smoke. But, we know it’s not healthy. So, the world accepts us if we smoke, but there’s an inkling of knowledge it’s not a great behavior. Well, as Christians we are to look at the lines of this world and work our hardest to stay far away from the line. Not to get as close as we can without going over, but to work to pull ourselves away from the line.

Looking at Lent, the forty days that Christ spent in the wilderness. We are challenging ourselves to draw nearer to Christ. Our faith is not just about thanking God for his sacrifice and forgiveness. But practicing sacrifice and forgiveness ourselves. So, I come back to the book, which I will leave a description of below. I read this amazing story of forgiveness, and thought how is that possible? I’m inspired and motivated to see opportunities in life where I can put this lesson into practice. Because, no matter how hard it is to forgive or to sacrifice we are never going into the challenge alone.


Kathy Sanders quickly became the face for the media of the Oklahoma City Bombing because she was one of the first to arrive on the scene. Her new book, Now You See Me: How I Forgave the Unforgivable, is the never-before-told story of how Sanders forgave domestic terrorists and cultivated relationships with their families, and how her courageous efforts of forgiveness gave her peace and removed the bitterness from her life. She and her husband Tom reside in Hot Springs Village, AR.