Lenten Veritas

Happy Thursday! I hope your Lenten journey is going well, I pray you are having the opportunity to grow closer to God. This season has brought me fresh eyes, and it’s just getting started!

This past weekend the youth attended an annual event hosted by the Arkansas Conference Council on Youth Ministry, Veritas. We have been attending for so long, I forget that people don’t know the meaning of the word Veritas. Veritas is Latin meaning “truth”. This weekend provided much needed truth through worship and fellowship. This event is the largest our conference hosts for youth, with over 1,400 students and leaders gathering together. Because of this large number we have the privilege to host the best worship leaders and speakers we can find.

I’ll be very honest, Veritas is not my favorite event. It’s very crowded and WAY LOUD! But, for many it is their favorite event, and this year is the first time I have understood why. On the way back to church from worship on Saturday one of our students said, “I got to have my moment. It was the best!” So, I asked, what was your moment, everyone in the car shared theirs, but hers was different. She said her moment was getting lost in the crowd, next to strangers, during worship, with music and praise taking over completely. She felt the comfort of being able to put down any wall and worship God fully. Not having to worry about what anyone thought.

As she shared this thought with us, I said, “why can’t you worship like that together? Who cares what people think?” Another student said, “Yeah, I’ll worship with you.” And, from there they worshiped together, as a group.

I don’t know that this can read as beautiful as it felt, but my prayer is that you feel you can worship fully. That you have a place to gather with others and worship God. Below, I am linking the devotionals we read in the evenings and one morning. These devotionals were written by students for students, but they speak to all. I encourage you to read through them over the next few days.

Friday Night Devotional          Saturday Morning Devotional          Saturday Night Devotional

Bishop Mueller posted this video on his facebook from this weekend with the caption, “Wish all United Methodists were as excited as our Youth to get to worship!”

Wish all United Methodists were as excited as our Youth to get to worship!

Posted by Gary Mueller on Saturday, February 24, 2018