Conversations with Christ

Remember when you first fell in love? Was there a moment when you were not thinking about your crush? How did you spend your free time? What other activities did you give up so that you could be with your beloved?

I am praying that you will come to have that sort of relationship with Jesus. Please, trust me in this promise; if you will make the investment in getting to know Jesus, you will develop a relationship in which spending time with Jesus becomes as wonderful as falling in love. Now, it may not be like your first teenage crush, but as we mature, so do the ways that we experience love. And experience is the key description of a relationship with Jesus. The joy that grows in you as you develop your relationship with Jesus will entice you to spend ever more time with him until your time of prayer becomes your favorite part of the day.

Each of the weeks during Lent, I will be offering blog thoughts from a book I published for the Lenten Season (An Audience of One, $2.75 on Kindle: HERE . This devotional for Lent has been designed to help foster our divine relationship. It is designed to help you focus your prayer time and develop your conversation techniques with God. For when we pray, we are entering conversation with Christ.

Conversation with Christ should be effective. It should effect how we live, not how we hope God will change our circumstances. In order for prayer to be effective it should help us hear God speak to us. To be most effective, it needs to be practiced throughout the day, or at least in the morning and evening every day. Then I have my morning conversation with Jesus as guided by the daily devotional. The devotional I offer to you teaches ways to hear God speak and teach us.

I begin every day with a time of prayer; each divine conversation session begins with a prayer of consent, “Jesus – I consent to your will. I desire to build a relationship with you until it is no longer I who live, but you who live in me. I offer this time this morning to you. Teach me how to fall in love with you.”

In the evening, I end my day with a prayer liturgy. A liturgy is a form of worship, and the evening prayer/worship is a wonderful time to pray through the events of the day as I again consent to the way of life to which Jesus is calling me.
Perhaps you would like to spend this Lent making an investment of time in developing your relationship with Jesus. If so, I invite you to join me being Jesus’ audience of one.

May you come to experience the voice of Christ.
Rev. Eric